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Warrior Dash-Windham, NY 8/14/11

THE STORY:  Early in the morning on August 14, 2011, five women set forth to climb a mountain.  And climb it, they did.  3.2 miles, 12 obstacles, mud, sweat, a live band, a viking hat, a medal, a tshirt, a beer, and a turkey leg later, they all had a FANTASTIC time.  And can’t wait to do it again!  NEXT year, all of us will RUN it instead of several of them hanging way back waiting for me (which incidentally, I do love them for).

THE RESULTS:  I finished 7927/8177 racers that day, overall.  I finished 417/443 (including 4 who started but didn’t finish) in women aged 35-39.  The fifth of our group (a new friend to 3 of us) raced it for time and did the course in 36 minutes!  The winner was a 21-yo guy and did it in 25 minutes.  The oldest was a 72-yo man who did it in just about an hour.  I did it in 1 hour, 26 minutes.  I had to stop several times on the first uphill up the mountain, it was just relentless and my couple times up hills around here was NOT cutting it.  OK, the fact that I only ran 2 times in the month before the race didn’t help, either.  But, I digress – this post is about the race, not about my plan for the next year.

THE COURSE:  3.2 miles- about a mile up the mountain before you hit the first obstacle, then a mile back and forth across it (slightly up and down it) with a few more of the obstacles, and a mile down it with the rest of them:

1. Barricade breakdown – walls to go over, barbed wire to go under.

2. Road rage – tires on the ground, parked cars to get over.

3. Teetering traverse – balance beams that incline up and down.

4. Deadweight drifter – rappel down a mud bank into chest high water and make it over 4 floating logs.

5. Cliffhanger – into a knee-deep mud hole, then climb up a ramp with ropes to hold onto.

6. Deadman’s drop – scale a 10-foot slatted wall, then over the top and slide drop down the other side.

7. Rubber ricochet – run through a jungle of suspended tires.

8. Cargo climb – up, over and down a 20-foot cargo net wall.

9. Chaotic crossover – crawl across a horizontal cargo net floor.

10. Petrifying plunge – a grown up Slip N Slide!

11. Warrior roast – jump over 2 sets of flames.

12. Muddy mayhem – into another mud pit, one last crawl under barbed wire.



Almost there!  

But first, why not cross a creepy rural bridge with a cage around it and an old, crusty tarp thrown over one side?

Pre-race, both with and without viking hats…    

The mountain…dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnn.  

There were even MORE people behind us.   8177 people raced that day.

No pictures going up the mountain, I was barely hanging on at some points.  But after a mile up a mountain, we made it to the first obstacle.  Go Julie!  

I think this was my favorite one, it was nice and cool with the water, and pretty easy to just float over the logs on your belly with the right technique.  This is teamwork, here.  

Horizontal cargo net?  Eh, not too bad, either.  

FINALLY to the top of the mountain, about a mile and a half up, and halfway through the race.  

And then we go back down.  Running down a mountain is not as easy as it sounds – sure, gravity is helping, but you have to stop yourself from getting out of control.  So down we go…  

But first, why not get buffeted by some tires,   

Go down a Slip N Slide (I’m way in the back, in between Jenna on the left and another woman on the right)   

…and over a couple fires.  Everyone else seems to love this first picture, I think my arms look spazzy.  I guess pretty isn’t what I was going for though, so I’ll take it – after 3 miles of a course like that, I guess I look pretty good.

Lastly, through a mud pit under some barbed wire, and the finish line is almost there! –  

I did it!!

And we all did it – proud warrior women! 

A somewhat useless attempt to get clean in the showers.     

Useless, but cute:  

Still on a high in this pic.   

They solicit donation of sneakers after the race for a charity.  We gladly obliged and climbed one more mountain:  

The spoils of battle.  I was really looking forward to the turkey leg, but it unfortunately was not as good as I thought it was going to be.    

It was pretty crazy.  And pretty awesome.  And I’m totally doing it again, and plan on doing it in under an hour next year.

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