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Protected: A little girl turns 6.

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The not so little, little things…

…that keep me going in the direction I am, even though there are days I wonder if I’m doing OK by them.

Last night, D and I went to the fall festival at his school.  K had to stay home with J as a consequence of various things that happened in the late afternoon and evening (after much warning and opportunity for redo).  When we got home I told her that I had picked up a little thing for her at one of the tables and would give it to her tomorrow.  She saw her brother’s giant inflatable microphone (which he won with tickets from games he played), and the cool jointed “magic” snake, and was very excited.  I told her it wasn’t a big toy, just a small prize I grabbed off a table for her.

This morning, after breakfast, she asked for her prize.  I got the bag and pulled out a small, cute, molded plastic monkey bookmark.  You could see her pause, hold it, think about it, register that it wasn’t a microphone or a snake or a super cool toy, then she looked up and said, in a truly genuine voice, “Oh thank you, mommy, I always like monkeys.” and gave me a gigantic hug.

I just about burst into tears on the spot.  What a display of graciousness, especially from a 4-year-old.   That’s the good stuff right there, folks.

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